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About us

It all started with a feeling shared by a number of friends: not being fully satisfied with a cup of coffee served in a café or restaurant or purchased in a shop. I began to look into what makes a great cup of coffee. This led me to roasting our own coffee at home as a hobby and I realised how important freshness is to a good coffee taste. But of course, this isn’t the whole story. The quality of green beans comes into it, as well as how coffee is prepared.

I caught the bug and shared the experience with friends and family. Moving from hobby coffee roasting to micro roasting was the next logical step.

As a micro-roaster, our overriding aim is to bring you quality, freshly roasted coffee. We roast our coffees to bring out the “terroir” so that you can enjoy the uniqueness of each different coffee. Our beans come from small-scale producers who focus on quality over quantity.

You can come and see us at local weekly markets (click here for more info), where we sell coffee in both bean or ground form, as well as coffee drinks. We are always happy to hear your feedback and give you tips about how to make good coffee at home.

The same concern for quality drives our choice of teas. We have an extensive range of great tasting quality teas to suit every palate.

Our loose teas are free of artificial flavourings and we think all our teas are beautiful to look at, with whole tea leaves, flower petals and dried fruit pieces. Harney & Sons (https://www.harney.com) have built their reputation on quality and taste. That’s why we also sell some of their teas.