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Fazenda Rio Verde - Brazil


Farm: Fazenda Rio Verde
100% Mundo Novo
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 800 to 1,350 meters above sea level
Ipanema Agricola
Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais Brazil
Awards: #15; Cup of Excellence 2018

Tasting Notes: Raisin, prune, spice

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Rio Verde is one of the smaller farms nestled in the wider estate owned by Ipanema Agricola. Located in the heart of the mountains, this farm is a true natural sanctuary, surrounded by virgin forests, waterfalls, some 50 springs and hiking trails. Over half the surface area of the farm is devoted to conservation. To this end, Ipanema has created the Environment Monitoring Centre (EMC), which has been installed in an old henhouse on the farm. The Centre monitors farm management practices as related to water use, soil fertility and erosion, vegetation and climate.



It was newly married Antonio Fachardo Junqueira and Gabriella Augusta who first established coffee here in 1887. The farm remained within the family until 2002. They implemented incredibly innovative processes over time, whether making efforts to become self-sufficient or introducing to techniques and equipment used elsewhere in the world, but not in Brazil, where they would become standard practice in Brazil. In 2002, the current CEO, Washington Rodrigues, stepped into the founding family’s footsteps. Under his leadership, the Premier Cru project has taken specialty coffee to new heights in the country and Ipanema Coffees was the first in Brazil to be certified by Utz and Rain Forest certification programs.



Rio Verde’s clay soil is rich in decomposed minerals and full of nutrients due to its rich flora and fauna. Its altitude and plentiful water sources make it ideal for growing not only this Mundo Novo but also Macadamia. The beans are selectively harvested and then delivered to dry for up to 9 days on raised beds or patios. The coffee may also be slowly dried at an even and soft heat in one of the farm’s mechanical driers. In fact, Ipanema also cultivates a sustainable harvest of eucalyptus trees that provide the natural fuel required during this drying process.