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Finca San Rafael Urias Cup of Excellence - Guatelama


Cup characteristics: Bright and well balanced, with notes of caramel, orange and chocolate

Farm: Finca San Rafael Urias

Varietal(s): 100% Bourbon 

Processing: Fully washed 

Altitude: 1,300m - 1,500m

Region: Sacatepéquez

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Finca San Rafael Urias is located in one of the most traditional coffee regions of Guatemala: Antigua. The farm was founded at the end of the nineteenth century by Don Rafael Valdés Quiroa. Today it is administrated by the third generation of the Valdés family.

The coffee produced by the Valdés brother is strictly hard bean (SHB), genuine Antigua type and it’s grown between 1,300 to 1,500 metres above sea level. The farm has received multiple awards for its excellent cup quality (including winning places in the Cup of Excellence competition four times!). This is a result of the care given to the coffee throughout every process and practice.


The farm is situated in a special micro-valley, between two volcanoes. Although there are hazards to being located squarely in the ‘ash’ zone (both volcanoes are active), the upside is the farm’s fertile, volcanic soils.

Harvest season begins in late December and continues through the end of March. The farm is surrounded by hills and crossed by the Guacalate River, which provides hydraulic energy to the coffee-processing mill. A water spring provides drinking water for household use, for the milling process and for irrigating coffee plants at the nursery.

After the ripe coffee cherries have been picked, they are sorted to remove any debris or damaged beans. Only the ripest cherries make it to the wet mill, where they are pulped and then fermented before being fully washed in 100% pure water. After this, the coffee is delivered to patios to dry under sun.

Only around 113 hectares of the farm are dedicated to the production of coffee. The rest of the 200+ hectares are used for growing traditional foods, for the use of the household and the workers on the farm. This is just one of the many legacies established by its founder, Don Rafael Valdés Quiroa.