Excelso, Columbia – decaffeinated (Co2) Expand

Excelso, Columbia – decaffeinated (Co2)


Varietal: 100% Arabica

Treatment: CO2 decaffeination

Altitude: 1300-1900 m

Region: Andes mountains

Excelso is a Columbian coffee, grown at altitude, on the slopes of the Andes.
It is a mellow coffee, with just enough body, and no more.
It is an ideal choice if you enjoy a light, smooth cup of coffee.

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Decaffeinated using liquid Co2, a process free of chemicals such as solvents

This is a CO2 decaff. The CO2 method is one of the 2 natural decaffeination
processes. It preserves flavour better. If you are keen to go for a non-chemically
processed decaff, this is the one for you. All that was done was to remove caffeine
from the beans, using carbon dioxide.*

*More detail on the CO2 process:
Green cherries are moistened, as it will then be easier to extract the caffeine. Next,
they are put in contact with liquid carbon dioxide inside a pressurized vessel. CO2
draws caffeine out of the beans, while preserving the aroma of the coffee. Once
dried, as would be any other green coffee, it is then ready to roast and to drink.